We produce, import, export and distribute globally frozen fish & seafoods, to a wide range of industry players


We offer a human-centric one-stop-shop solution to tailor your needs: from customized fish fillets or portions delivered to your doorstep, to personalized design private labeled retail packaging (bags or boxes), we’ve got all your retail needs covered. We also proudly distribute all types of bait for your fishing and growing needs, anywhere in the world, managing smoothly all logistical aspects & supply chain from A to Z.

At Seven Seas Foods, we pride ourselves on the quality and artisan craftsmanship of every product that we process and deliver. This philosophy extends to our partners’ processing facilities, built and conceived for our branded products, as well as private label services. Our customers trust that every item goes through a rigorous procurement and inspection process to ensure that they are receiving a superior product with every placed order.

From fishing to processing, to logistics, delivery, finance & administrative dealings, our team members offer a complete 360 solution for a seamless and over-satisfying collaboration. Our proven track-record of global dedicated staff, covering every time zone, work continuously to provide you with efficiency and excellency.


The value of our fishing & processing operations begins with listening to our customers, to make sure we know your specific needs. Weight, Size, Fat content, packing, labeling, etc., to name a few characteristics, are meticulously identified and recorded to fulfill your orders with the utmost precision. Our suppliers’ sourcing & selecting strict methodology leaves no room for error. Our partners’ state-of-the-art facilities and our logistics software systems ensure a timely and smooth operation.

We are obsessed with inspections and work with licensed and certified facilities BAP, MSC, BRC, IFS, Kosher to name a few.

Let us help you grow your business by reinforcing your brand image & customer loyalty!


Quality, Sustainability & Satisfaction are more than our mission: they are our obsession. We engage, with our stakeholders, partners and team members, in a number of ways, to source our products exclusively from licensed and certified suppliers (with the utmost environmental respect and sustainability). We work with in house and third-party quality controllers to inspect and ensure that our quality and sustainability requirements are met. Ensuring the world’s food systems are sustainable is not just the responsibility of food producers, but of all businesses’ intermediaries along the supply chain. Our mission is not only to source sustainably, but also process locally, here, in the USA.

Our vision is to be a world-class provider of qualitative sea foods products & delivery solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations; customer service and satisfaction is what drives our business. We continuously advance and improve our quality standard procedures, following the world’s best practices, as we don’t simply respect the environment, but our modest intention is to improve it.


Seven Seas was born from the diversity of its team, originally composed of its European founders. Seven seas started with the import of frozen food into the US and Canada, and since then, it has exported all forms of frozen foods to Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa and Latin America. The company continues its expansion through the diversification of its product line and the growth of its network, and valuable team members.




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Our proven track-record of global dedicated teams, covering every time zone, work continuously to provide you with efficiency and excellency.






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